Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Lord, give me favour."

I pray this often for my business. Before I arrive to an appointment. While I'm cutting or coloring. Probably my most frequent business prayer. (Immediately followed by, "Give me opportunities to minister to people" and "Please save _____"...)

...and God has deemed it wise to answer that request (and the others) in a way that I can clearly see and understand in this season.

I love my job. Absolutely LOVE it.

Business is going so well. This week alone I have SIX brand new clients. Six. NEW clients. First time appointments. Between Tuesday and Friday. That's insane.

At the beginning of January, I hired a dear friend for two hours a week to do some emails/admin stuff for me. It was just too much for me to handle it all. We had a six week trial...and after the six weeks, I asked her to work everyday. She has made SUCH a difference. I have no idea how I lived before her. in the world did I attempt to do ALL of THAT?! She is efficient, takes initiative, is friendly AND professional, oober clients love her. She takes all of my appointments for me (which frees me up on Sunday morning when clients at church ask for an appointment-- I just tell them I don't keep my schedule anymore, they'll have to talk to her! :) She records all of our interactions with brides through David's Bridal (which has been picking up like crazy...I'm practically booked every weekend until June!) and she just...makes my much easier.

I am now free from constantly writing things on my hand (ok, not TOTALLY free ;) or a nearby napkin, etc. My iPad has also made a huge difference in having organized thoughts and cutting down on tasks that took hours out of each week. I praise God for the gift of my "Scheduling Coordinator" and my iPad very very often. My life looks so different than it did 3 months ago.

This is a gift of God. It is His choosing. And I know that at any moment...He can take it away and it can all fizzle. And if that happens, it's ok. Because its all for Him anyways.

I don't have big career dreams. If I'm able to hire more staff (which I've been looking to do) and eventually get the business running to where it doesn't need me as a stylist/make-up artist anymore...then sure. That's wonderful :) But if it just collapses on itself out of no where...or God prompts me to lay it down...I'm perfectly fine with that. It's just for a season--

I regularly am fighting the temptations of the culture-- to always be "bigger" and "better." The two purposes of beginning this business were to 1. Provide for myself financially, and 2. Create an opportunity to witness/minister to people.

Both of those objectives are happening. And at an increasing rate! There's no pressure or stress to be the biggest hair and make-up vendor for weddings, or the most successful Deva curl stylist in Orlando (though, I'm the only, I guess technically hold the title...) I will pursue hiring more staff as the appointments demand it, and I will certainly continue talking to girls about how their curls can be what they've always dreamed...but I want my focus to stay the same. This isn't about hair or business. This is about the glory of God. (Remind me of that if I seem overwhelmed the next time we talk.)

If you'd like to witness the favour I'm talking about...check this out. These are (to my knowledge) all unbelievers that God has just given me favour with. Please pray that curly hair is just a means to talking about the Gospel! And marvel with me at the kindness of God displayed here...

...all you're answer to prayer.

Praise His Name.