Friday, May 4, 2012

Timeless Truth

I love Scripture.

It never changes. It always applies. God is the same...always.

I've recently taken an opportunity to make some extra cash but it's meant being away from my husband for ten days.

When I was single and waiting for God to bring my husband into my life, I regularly took comfort in Psalm 139, pouring my heart out to the Lord. Trusting He knows my desires and what I need and the un-utterable things I was looking for in a husband. Waiting on God's timing. Trusting He knows best.

"O Lord, you have searched me and known me!"

"You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways."

...and then when I'd met Josh and we were waiting for him to get a different job before we got engaged, I had this on an index card on the bathroom mirror,

" your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me when as yet there was none of them."

I used that to remind me that GOD knew my wedding date even if I didn't. He could see what I couldn't and it had been planned since before I was created...nothing could change it.

And this morning, as I'm 994 miles away from the man I most love in all the world and haven't been able to talk to very much in the last 8 days, here I am reading this same truth.

God has known today completely since before I was born. He knows my thoughts- He discerns them from afar. HE IS NEAR. He knows the conversations I need to have today...and he's "altogether" known my words even before they are on my tongue.

So when I read, "I awake, and I am still with you"...I'm aware that I'm NOT waking up next to my beloved husband.

BUT. This timeless truth gives such comfort and peace: HE is with me. The One who has known all of my days. The One's whose eyes saw my unformed substance before I was made.

There is sweetness in the beauty of it all. My seasons of life have changed drastically: yet here He is. The same God, the same promises and truth.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Because vows are the focal point of the wedding {in my opinion} I thought it'd be fun to share our vows with you, the blogging world. That way, you can feel like you attended the ceremony :)

Eat some banana chocolate chip bread/cake, have a sip of coffee, and do a little dance and you've attended the reception too.

Josh's vows:

Beautiful Janelle,

You are the love of my life, the most precious and perfect gift from God Almighty to me, His son. I never doubted that God would provide a woman to marry, but of the character of that woman, I could not have dared ask for one as you. You are without question more in love with God and His Word than any woman I have ever met. You are an unwavering encouragement to put all trust in God's faithfulness. You have taught me what true, active faith in the sovereignty of God looks like against life's abundant questions. You regularly display the most ridiculous selflessness towards my preferences and comfort at the neglect of your own. And you have visibly demonstrated your love for God in how you love and care for me. I am convinced that God brought us together and that He placed you in my life to be my wife so that together we would more fervently and passionately serve the name of Jesus. People say to be careful you are not finding your fulfillment in another but what I believe we have is a God-glorifying, God-honouring relationship that has built our faith in God's love and goodness as the One provider of all fulfillment. God promises in His Holy Word that as our Heavenly Father, He knows how to give His children good gifts. And Janelle, as a child of God, I have never in my life received such a purely spectacular, concretely undeserved, stunningly beautiful, exquisitely identifiable gift and demonstration of God's love for me as you, my gorgeous girl, are. 

The love I have for you is both a deep attraction and emotional response, but that is just the surface. My love for you, Janelle Ann Leach, is rooted in the faithfulness of God and is as true and lasting a commitment as I have ever made or will make apart from my relationship with Jesus Christ. So in the sight of our dear friends, loving family, and above all, our Creator, Sustainer, God Most High, I make these vows as my marriage covenant to you. These vows are to be an enduring covenant between you and I in the strength of the Holy Spirit without exception until death. 

Janelle, I vow today to take you as my wife from this day forward. To live with you in an understanding manner, to love you more than I love myself, being willing to lay down my life for yours. To lead you in the ways of God our Father as He leads me. To provide for your life with my strength. To hold you close in all triumphs, as well as hardships. To encourage you to mortify sin and take hold of obedience. To rejoice with you in God's goodness and faithfulness. To care for you in plenty and in poverty, and above all, to personally strive to loving God with all my heart, soul, and strength as I work to cultivate a humble spirit that seeks His glory and His Kingdom. I vow all of this to you, Janelle, in God's abundant strength, incomprehensible power, and loving wisdom. I commit my life, and all that I have to you as we join together as one in the sight of God through this marriage covenant until the Lord receives one of us to Himself. Love you. 

My vows:

Joshua Mark Morrison. You are a gift from God. Aside from the Gospel, you are the most profound expression of the Lord’s steadfast love and faithfulness in my life. You are the greatest answer to prayer that I ever have or ever will experience. Your mere existence has built my faith. Your pursuit of me, and your humble and bold leadership of our relationship is a glorious demonstration of the LORD’s listening ear and how He is intimately acquainted with all of my ways; He has heard all of my requests. Surely, God does far more abundantly than all we ask or imagine. Glory to His Name.

I love you with all that I am, and with all that I have. Your character, integrity, and godliness have exceeded even my boldest prayer requests. Your love and affection for God, your passion for His Word, and your heart for the lost, has completely won my heart. I love God more because of how YOU love God, and because of how you love me. Thank you for demonstrating the grace of the Gospel to me in so many ways.

As I have watched marriages over the years I have come to realize that I don’t actually know what exactly it is I am committing to today. I have no idea what trials in this life we will face, or what heart aches await us. I don’t know where God will lead us or where I’m committing to follow you to. I can’t predict ways you or I will change over the years or what sacrifices each of us will need to make. I have no idea how you’ll sin against me, or the ways I’ll sin against you. I don’t know anything about our future. But what I do know is that God is faithful.  I know that the Gospel will never change, so there will always be hope. Hope for us individually, and hope for our marriage. I know that God will never leave us and that He is committed to making us more like Himself. He is ultimately my head. He has given you to me for me to follow, submit to, honour, respect, encourage, and love until the day that I go to be with Him forever. I commit my life to you not because of who you are (even though you are entirely amazing)…but because of who God is. I promise these things to you based on His character…so that no matter what you do or don’t do, how you fail or succeed, my commitments to you will not waiver because they are not based on you, but on the Unchanging One and what He has called me to.

So, it is with deep, passionate, steadfast love for you, and a sincere confidence that marrying you is submitting in obedience to the will of our Saviour, that I joyfully make these vows to you today.

I, Janelle Ann Leach, take you, Joshua Mark Morrison to be my husband. I purpose to love you well by seeking to always love Christ more. I promise to seek to serve you in our life together- by striving to care for you, listen to you, respect you, and to be attentive to your needs and wants even above my own. I want to make it easy for you to always be intoxicated with my love. I vow to pray for you; fervently and often. I commit myself to studying Scripture and to cultivating an on-going desire to model Biblical Femininity. I want to always be open and honest with you- no matter what. I hope that wherever we call “home” throughout our years, I’m able to make a place of rest and relaxation for you. I will seek to show hospitality to others and desire that many would come and experience the love of God and demonstrations of the Gospel in our home. I purpose to be willingly inconvenienced for the betterment of you and your schedule. I promise to follow you wherever the LORD leads you; any city, any state, any country; anytime, anywhere. I devote myself to learning how to better support you, encourage you, affirm the work I see God doing in you, and to treasure your strengths and gifting as they compliment my weaknesses. If the Lord should bless us with children, I desire most to pursue humility- as your wife, and as their mother. I purpose to respect you and speak highly of you in front of them and to them. I promise to do all I know how to train our children in the way they should go; it is my desire to exemplify a life of one that fears the Lord above all else. I vow to pray for them and their salvation; I promise to treasure your role as “Leader” in our family. I want to exemplify humble, wise submission and respect as the Lord leads our family by speaking to you. I promise to repent to you when the Lord convicts me of sin. When necessary, I will give my energy and prayer to seeking to forgive you as Christ has forgiven me; freely, fully, and completely. I want to regularly ask God to show me how I can be a better wife to you. I intend to glean from other’s wisdom and experience and to grow in knowledge and understanding as to how I can be a better wife and mother. I also want to pursue God’s will for US; for our marriage, and our family, knowing it may be very different than other’s experiences.

As I seek to be regularly affected by God’s love for me, and grow in understanding the love Christ has demonstrated to us…it is my hope that our marriage is the first place my overflow of love and joy abounds while I’m delighting in the Lord. I want you to enjoy the Gospel more because of my love, as I have enjoyed the Gospel so much more because of YOUR love.

It is because of God’s promise to complete the work He’s begun in me that I even desire to commit these things to you today. I know that He is my Helper, and this is what He has called me to. Even when I am faithless, He will be faithful, and He will have His way. So, Josh, with everything I am, before God, our family and friends, I pledge my life completely to serving you all the days of my life.