Thursday, January 5, 2012

THE call

Sorry about the last post and being a day early; guess that's what happens when you don't look at the calendar until after blog is POSTED.

Well, folks, it's been one year. A year ago tonight as I headed out the door to Home Group, my phone rang. I screamed and jumped up and down-- met Emily in the hallway as we screamed in disbelief. She was yelling at me to answer.

I ran in the living room, cleared my throat and calmly asked, "Hello?"

...I'd missed the call. :)

Rang back right away and Josh and I set up another time to talk: after Home Group in two hours.

Journal entry January 5, 2011

"Lord! What in the world?! A phone call from Josh? An amazing two+ hour phone conversation about YOU?!

A flat out opening line of why he's calling? This feels like a dream.

I think he might be too sweet for me :) I don't know if he could handle this mess...

Father, please help me guard against imagining parts of his personality and character. If nothing else, I pray for a strong God-centered friendship. Please lead me and guide me. Reveal Your Word to me. Show me his leadership.

Thank you for encouraging my heart and building my faith.
Grow my love for You."

Glory to God.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One year ago today...or...tomorrow, actually...

My journal entry January 4, 2011

"So I'm at Starbucks and the internet isn't working (the MAIN reason I came here) so I'm enjoying a decaf cup of joe and reading and adjusting my perspective before heading to Panera to do work and personal stuff.

I happened upon Isaiah 40. Smiling with joy at the promises contained here. Many truths have encouraged me, but this particularly stands out:

"but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength..."

I love how this begins. "Do you not know? Have you not heard?"
Ha! I love it.
He does not faint or grow weary.
He reminds us here...that we will be tired and exhausted.
But what?
BUT. If we WAIT on the Lord...our strength will be renewed. Ha! How ironic. The way to not grow weary is to wait for the Lord. Wait on Him.

Father, would I receive manna for TODAY. Help me not try to store up mercy or grace. Remind me of this, God. You have given me all I need for today. I ask for wisdom. In my time, interactions, decisions...may I be sensitive to Your Spirit, lean on you; trust you-- your character and your promises. I pray I would set my hope fully on Grace. May my eyes behold Jesus Chris. Help me to see your hand in my day...and be in continual worship and adoration. Help me be wise with my time and efficient. Would I work for you and not man. I wnat to be faithful and honor you with my business.

Just got a text from Josh!!!! :)
He's at the airport and watching a plane to O-town board. I CANNOT stop smiling and my hands are sweating. Great. Now I'll be totally distracted."

That is literally word-for-word what was written in my journal a year ago today.

...and now...just 365 days later...I sit on my bed typing with a glistening, beautiful diamond on my left hand given to me almost a month ago by this same man. My year (like many prior) has been full of waiting on the Lord.

...and I find it so precious that the very last thing in my journal prior to this godly and amazing man pursuing me...FINALLY the one who God has called to be my husband...right before his first text to me...

...was truths about God's character and His call for us to wait on Him.

My heart soars with wonder, excitement, and joy as I consider the faithful hand of I marvel at his timing. Ah, the waiting for this is over: Joshua Morrison has been found. PRAISE THE LORD!

(Also, just as a side note of rejoicing: my car that broke down that I had to sell, and I was so disappointed...I MADE $50 on it when I sold it...and bought a new car for $350 less than I sold mine for. Not only did I not pay to have my car repaired...but I MADE money. GLORY TO GOD!)