Monday, March 8, 2010

Cultural dance

Adjusting culturally has been as expected: sometimes...a little awkward. I feel clumsy in the American culture. The American mindset. The American ways.

I've begun describing it to friends that it's like learning how to dance. I did a certain "dance" in Wales. Learned the ropes a bit. Got my feet in place- understood my bearings. But the "dance" in the States is different. Sometimes I get the steps mixed up or my footing off-place. Other times the timing is just wrong. I haven't really gotten the hang of it just quite yet.

It will take time. More time than I hypothesized. I don't have to adjust in a certain amount of time...or even really completely ever...this is very freeing. There is much grace for this transition season. YAY.

I kid you not: almost every single time I walk up to a car...I can't for the life of me remember which side the driver's side is on. Rarely do I not have to peer inside for the steering wheel. Even in my own car. I can't remember which country has it on the right and which one on the left.

What a joy that no "dance" is right or wrong. One is not more godly or wise than the other. They're just dances. Just cultures.

The Gospel is the same. God is the same. And in this...we rejoice!

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Unknown said...

Its so great that we aren't accepted by God on the basis of our culture/country or how we "dance". Its all Jesus!