Sunday, April 22, 2012

We got hitched.

Well, the knot has been tied! On the only cold day in February this year, I committed my life to following my best friend as my leader and provider; I promised to serve him every single day of my life. And he promised me the most wonderful things I've ever heard anyone say.

Since then, we have moved 1,000 miles up north where he took a job that provides financial support to missionaries and ministries in our local area. We absolutely love it here. We've created a home...and it's my favourite place in the world to be.

We are so enjoying the adventure of discovering more and more the mystery of Christ's love for His church.

More blog posts to come-- just wanted to update so you know where they're coming from. Life has changed a lot :) In entirely wonderful ways. We are humbled by the grace and love of God. Praise be to His Name.

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