Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Loving life

I'm feeling like I'm back to normal life!

Little blondes splashing in the pool, baking in the hot Florida sun, french braids, sippy cups, mother may I, snuggling reading books, being a "dolphin instructor" to the little swimmers with a fake french accent and hearing them giggle uncontrollably, naptimes, sound machines, pacifiers (aka "dummies" in Wales), telling little girls to stop sucking their thumbs, a beach day with a dear friend- complete with a Publix sub and iced tea...this is "normal life" for me. Oh I love it so!

I still have so many faces to see, friends to catch up with, necks to hug, roots to touch up, split ends to cut...and not enough time to do it all! Saying "no" is so hard, but in order to be awake and well, I must learn how to.

I am so enjoying each day the LORD has given me here; each friend I get to chat with, text I get to send (not internationally for 50 p!) and boo-boo I get to kiss. I know I won't be able to do "all I want to do" this month, but I rest in knowing I will do all He has purposed for me to do. What rest we find in the loving sovereignty of the Almighty God. His mercy to me has been uniquely great in the last 13 days and I anticipate much more grace to come!

This week I'm watching 3 adorable girls and helping at a friend's consignment sale, and Thursday night head to Virginia with Ariel for a long weekend to see my parents and nephew! (and I'll be back for family vacation in a few weeks). One of my wonderful friends is getting married in Richmond on Saturday- wahoo!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers!


Meghann Roberts said...

Wish you were watching my 3 little girls! =) They are donning their Wales tattoos right now! I forgot about them and they found them again and wanted to put them on "so they would think of you when they looked at their arms"! =) Praying for you! Glad you are having such a wonderful time! Can't wait to talk with you ;)! Love ya!

Jo Menzies said...

Hello lovely. It's such a pleasure reading your blog - you're such a treasure and I can't wait to have you back in sunny (ha ha) Wales. We had a bbq on Sunday to discuss the work with the teens and I just wanted to say how grateful I am that you recommended me to help. I am sooo excited about serving God and I can't think of anyone I would rather do it with! So stop having fun and come back. That's an order!