Sunday, August 30, 2009

Packing within packing

So, I realized this morning as we head out to New Jersey for a few days...

that the majority of my things are in Wales. But most of my "in the States" belongings are in Florida. Some are in Virginia. And now, a small amount are off with me to New Jersey.

Is this not psycho?! haha, I've begun to wonder if all this moving around all the time (not just this month, but the last several years) is the LORD preparing me for something...or if its just a unique season.

Whatever it is, I love that no matter where in the world I am, who I'm with, what church I'm going to, what my job is, or how many of my "things" I have with me...God is the same. And with me-- each and every single place I go.

This has been one of my favorite verses this month:
"As for You O LORD, You will not restrain your mercy from me. Your steadfast love and faithfulness will ever preserve me." Psalm 40:11

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