Monday, July 26, 2010

Business and a Boy.

Oh my goodness. It has been too long.

In the last month or so, I feel like I've settled so much back into life in the States. Janelle on Location has officially become an LLC (that's a real-life company...wahoo!), and has its own bank account. I got a really exciting advertising lead from David's Bridal Corporate last week-- I'll keep you posted: but might even be more than I can handle. ::smile::

I've purchased a car (miracles- thank you for praying) for nearly half of what I budgeted for; I've got Florida tags (pretty exciting-- thats a first for me)...and a "new normal" has really begun to set in. Relationships are forming-- some new, some faces are being met, people being added to the church...

God is up to much. It's all very exciting.

A dear friend turned into a boyfriend a few weeks ago-- JP. I'm having so much fun enjoying this season. He came to Metro a year and a half ago when I was in Wales and became friends with a bunch of my friends while I was away. The Lord is currently using JP to teach me more about Himself and the Gospel. Did I mention I'm having so much fun? :)

I would describe this season as feeling like I'm under a gigantic waterfall of earthly blessings. So much "settling" in my finances (thank you, Katherine Peschau) and just culturally after being in the UK is taking place...and ah, its such a gift.

God is the same no matter what season we're in. When I'm suffering, I'm called to enjoy Him. When I'm lonely I'm called to enjoy Him. When I'm tired and weary...guess what? I'm called to enjoy Him.

Same goes for seasons of blessing. Prosperity. "Ease." I am called to enjoy Him.

The Gospel just seems to get better and the steadfastness of God continues to "not-change."

2 comments: said...

This makes me smile :) SO excited for all God is doing. Praying for you in this time.

Kristen said...

Crazy what God's doing! I'm excited to see where he takes you Janelle