Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creator God

It is with absolute joy that I share with you the following thoughts from one of my most recent favourite authors, Josh Morrison.

I love how in this description of this marveling, worshiping, adoring and praising that the author is doing, he invites us, the readers to join him in extolling and honoring the majesty of the Almighty in our hearts. We hear of his affection for God and are beckoned to come join him.

As I sang, "How Great Thou Art" this morning, this recent article came to mind-- I had to share it with you. Too good to keep to myself; let me know what you think.

Read slowly and savor the words...


"From where do creative conceptualizations arrive? All that is, exists out of the infinite mind of One that is neither contained nor constrained. Creative power is only truly present within one; within this One all that could be is contained in such a way that boundaries are boundless. As created in the likeness of God Almighty, mankind has creative ability that flows not independent of God but from Him from whom all proceeds. Mankind’s furthest grasp on the unreachable only leaves an infinite chasm of creative potential that resides forever in the nature of the only true creative being, Creator God. It is the tendency of man to quickly congratulate the imagination and mastery of creative endeavors seen within one’s fellow man. Yet is this not a misplaced recognition from where creative aptitude finds its origin? Consider the depths of the oceans and the heights of mountain peaks, yet taken for granted is the very ability to conventionalize such ranges in majesty. It was the design of God and projections of the creative mind of God that allows the human mind to dream past that which is flat. Unfathomable galaxies that reach into the vast unknown stretch the mind of man in a way that limits never could. With limits there exists confinement and fullest potential to be achieved. But because man is the image of the limitless One, there is no reason to place a limit on that which is possible. It is not man that creates but God that created. Creation was from the beginning a reflection of the One that determined its beginning. The creative potential is there within man and demands praise and admiration to the One from whom all creative potential derives. This is He who’s vast limits exist not, who’s unsearchable mind is confined not, who’s infinite power is grasped not, and who neither has end of days nor beginning; this is the Lord God Most High."

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