Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hope fully. Grace will be brought to you.

As I enjoy a small coffee and blueberry muffin and sit at a coffee bar in an airport, I eagerly anticipate the next few moments as I review with you how God has just met me in the pages of Scripture...

Funny, isn't it, how hungry our hearts can get when not in the regular "routine" of "typical" time with the Lord. At least, that's the case for me. Two and a half weeks ago my holiday began and right now...I couldn't be more excited about being home with the Morgans, weather that doesn't require doubled socks in my boots and winter coats, and not living out of a suitcase. It has been an absolutely wonderful trip. So relaxing, lots of rejoicing and celebrating...and yet...times of "quiet" have been few.

Before just moments ago, I hadn't journaled since the 13th of December. That's a long time for me.

After arriving at my gate to wait a few hours before boarding, I opened my journal and began to write. Reviewing the highs and lows of 2010. Recording earthly "expectations" and wonderings for 2011. Thrilled for how God will work. Excited to see specific demonstrations of His faithfulness. Anticipating Him drawing my heart. Awaiting comfort. Leading. Discipline. Ministry.

I flipped back over the last few months of journal entrys--- skimming to better reflect on how God's been meeting me. And then I saw it. On the top left corner....

...a verse that would captivate my attention for the better part of an hour: 1 Peter 1:13

"...preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you..."

These are the notes in my journal that were soon written:

Oh, glory.

It finishes " the revelation of Jesus Christ."

Grace will be brought TO YOU. You don't have to search for it. It is brought. It's brought when Christ is revealed.

Christ's revelation = Grace brought

Not just, "put some hope in" like "this'd be a good investment..." but SET your hope FULLY on grace....that will...

...this is FUTURE grace. (will.) Future promised grace. Set your hope FULLY ON IT!

For who hopes for what he sees?

Lord, let me hope. With patience.

This "setting" of hope on future PROMISED grace is done when my mind is PREPARED. FOR. ACTION.

This will be a fight. There will be fighting against this hoping. Against setting hope on future grace.

And. A sober mind is required.
Be prepared. FOR ACTION.
Be sober minded.
on grace.
Grace that will be BROUGHT.
Brought TO YOU.
Brought to you as Christ is revealed.

I cannot hope without a sober mind.

I cannot hope without being prepared for action.

God is saying in effect,
"Through revealing my Son...I will BRING TO YOU: GRACE. Now I want you to put ALL of your hope on it."

As I read and wrote I was struck by the perfect timing of this verse for me today. What better time to be refreshed in hoping than in a New Year?

Sure. We need fresh hope each and every day. Each and every moment of each and every day. But there is something unique about the date changing. A page turning. A new beginning.

Father, as we enter this year, would you help us to set our hope fully on grace. The grace that you will bring. Thank you for your promises, thank you for your faithfulness, thank you for your Word. Meet us this year. May we know you more. May our love for you be set ablaze. Revive our hearts. Ignite new passion. Captivate our minds. Would we worship you with true abandon and seek to honour you by giving ourselves fully to Your will and Your work. Make us like Jesus, we pray. Give us new hope.

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I've subscribed to your blog for a while now. A big part of my blog is "faith and family." You seem to have a really rooted faith and from what I gather your family was a huge part of that.

Would you ever consdier writing a blog on how your parents influenced your faith? My wife and I are raising a first generation Christian family, we always enjoy hearing our friends stories who were raised in Christian homes. Specifically how they we're influenced and when they took the faith as their own.