Monday, September 3, 2012


It's been a challenging few weeks. Not circumstantially...but inwardly. In my heart, and my mind. Josh and I, along with some family members, have just finished the book Radical by David Platt.

It has been life-transforming. Perspective-altering. I recommend it to you. Highly.

The reader is challenged to take a look at the wealth in America. I have never in my life considered myself to be wealthy...until reading this book. Mere shelter, water, food, and transportation of any kind {including public} make me among a very small percent of the wealthiest in the WORLD.

Josh just finished reading Forgotten God by Francis Chan and I have benefited from his thoughts on it greatly. Can't wait to dig into it myself.

God is using these books {they are mere tools...He is the One working} to open my eyes and challenge my perspective.

I take pride in how little money we have spent on our furniture or decorations in our apartment. I make it a personal goal to spend as little as I can on food for us each month. Often, I make gifts instead of purchasing them. I love coupons, and getting deals. I take comfort in knowing we give money away regularly and work to live on as little as possible. We have what I would consider a small savings account for emergencies.


Funny word, huh? Francis Chan challenges the perspective of our "Emergency Funds" maybe fix a car. Or not need to be uncomfortable, but just keep right on living as if a great expense hadn't come up unexpectedly. {makes it kind of easy to not trust God if our hearts aren't engaged} Yet. Isn't starvation around the world an emergency? Or sex trafficking? Kind of puts my "emergency" in a different I not think other's lives are as important as mine? my running-perfectly car? ::gulp::

Do I turn and look away from how a sacrifice of my earthly comforts, could make a difference in eternity? Do I ACTUALLY believe this life is temporary, and the next is forever? Ugh. It is so sad. So often, I do not live to believe this.

I have been challenged by the teaching of Christ. To give. My time. My gifts. My resources. He has given them all to me. To enjoy, yes. And to give away to bless others.

Not giving what is comfortable to give...or what's left over. David Platt talks about "What we can spare" and "What it will take." He has helped me re-define "necessity."

Just think how different the Gospel would look if God didn't ask the question, "What will it take" in regards to saving us. Praise Him for sending our Saviour!

"Well ya, but..." has been the beginning of many, many, many thoughts as I've listened, dialogued, read, and prayed. Yet, the probing of my heart has not stopped.

I am so grateful for a husband who so understands the message of Christ-- one that challenges our hearts. He has been an amazing godly encouragement and leads me so well. Encouraging me with things like, "Wealth is not wrong. Loving it is."

Right. It's not about how much I am giving or what homeless/poverty ministry {if any} I'm involved in. But where is my heart? What am I really passionate about? How MUCH do I want to help others? Am I willing to sacrifice? Do I even know what that means?

This blog post has no resolution to is mere musings. Thoughts not fully processed. Join me in wrestling with what this looks like for you. It will be different for both of us.

But my prayer is that as a nation especially...with more wealth and resources than any other...that as a church, we would be affected by the needs around us...mostly the spiritual needs. And that we would be bothered enough to actually do something about them.


Rachel said...

well written. I continue to muse over all that this book has brought up in my own heart and am questioning where I am really laying up treasures...what I am sacrificing? Blessed to be a blessing we are. Now to figure out what that looks for my day to day.

Danny Jones said...

I just began reading this book too. I hope it has the same affect on my heart that you are experiencing!