Monday, February 18, 2013

Dear Christian Parent...

I do not yet have kids, but I'd like to share my observations-- and the temptations I imagine you might be facing...

When you hear about the extravagant birthday party a friend threw for their you feel discouraged? Is it difficult knowing you have "100 ways to save money in your grocery budget" pinned on pinterest, and you don't even have time to read the post, let alone implement anything? Does everyone else seem like they're just "doing life" a little bit better than you? Cuter, and cheaper, and more elaborate? They're kids are just better behaved? Happier?

I received a small note from my own dad on my Birthday last week. His readiness to boast {yet again} in the grace of God almost DESPITE he and my mom's parenting...was a fresh reminder to me:

"Biblical Parenting" isn't flawless. Honouring God doesn't mean everything is decorated nicely and everyone is happy and smiling with the most recent holiday-themed, decorated lunch. Parenting, like life, looks different for everyone. Yet, what we strive for, should be rooted in Biblical Principles. Your kids, if they are going to follow Christ, need to learn how to forgive, overlook, forbear, pursue humility, etc. And God gives them opportunities THROUGH your weaknesses in parenting, to allow their small, frail, perhaps beginning faith to grow and be strengthened. He will use every mistake for their good AND your good. How will they learn to forgive if they are not sinned against? How will they know they need Jesus unless they watch you lean and depend on Him- knowing you are weak and He is strong?

Think of "perfect parenting" in your mind. Now consider: Where is there room or need for Jesus? How could your children watch and experience grace? Or see a need for Christ at all? Parenting that is flawed, helps kids see our need for Jesus. It's on purpose that you are human. "Fun Pinterest Mom" everyday doesn't do what you ARE doing everyday; demonstrating how to live a life that is dependent on God. THAT is far more important than how often you do crafts, make home-made granola, or cut your kids PBJ in cute shapes.

May the grace of God keep your blinders on- so that you may rejoice with others in their gifts, and compare yourself only to Christ. You will fall woefully short. He will saturate you in grace, and encourage your weary heart: giving you wisdom as you seek Him and ask.

His grace to you this morning,


Meghann Roberts said...

Amen! =) Great post! I was just wrestling with the "not comparing" this morning. You, my dear, are going to be a super mom one day, because you serve and love an amazing God! Love you!

Stephanie Jessee said...

Such a great perspective! Thank you for the reminder to look up and not to those around us! =)