Friday, February 1, 2013

Unreached Passion

"I want to go where no one else wants to go."

In my very first conversation with Josh as we drove away from the airport and to a wedding where he knew the groom, and I knew the bride...he uttered the above sentence.

Little did I know then, the depth to which he meant this, nor the profound impact it would have on my own life.

As conversations have been uttered, and prayers have been prayed, it is increasingly more clear that we want to move to another country and people group. One who has not yet heard the good news of Christ, or of eternal salvation. Steps have been taken to evaluate, grow, and prepare us for what we hope will be a life-long journey. We hope you'll join us!

"But my friend hasn't yet heard the Gospel and she lives right next door...why go to another country when there are people in America who need Jesus?"

Great question.

One that I think David Platt answers very well in his message at Together For the Gospel- a conference for pastors.

In it, he emphasizes: local mission and local ministry are totally necessary. Our defenses can go up when missionaries talk about the "urgent need" somewhere thousands of miles away when our own hearts ache for neighbors, co-workers, or family members who still don't know the love of Christ. And for the sake of those dear souls here in America...we need people to stay.

But that doesn't mean that all people are to stay: we, as a church, need people to go too.
Global missions is tragically neglected.

David Platt defines unreached in this way, and I pray it is helpful as you consider journeying with us through this blog:

"Unreached means you're lost and you don't have access to the Gospel by which you can be found. There's no church, no Christian, no Bible available around you. Practically, to live among an unreached people means that you will be born, you will live, and you will die without ever hearing the Gospel that we celebrate....

And there's two billion people in six thousand people groups for whom that is a reality at this moment."

I wish I could pay you to watch this message on line. It's that good. Comments welcome.

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