Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter, an "awkward" holiday...

When I was single, I wanted to write blog posts like this one so bad...

but I feared coming across in an unhelpful way.

Now that I've got a ring on my finger and have said my vows...I feel liberty to speak freely with other "marrieds".

Just a friendly reminder {or maybe a heads up if you don't already know...} from my own personal experience.

Easter goes in the category of "awkward holidays" as a single who lives far away from family.

Mother's Day. Father's Day. Also in that category.

...Holidays that aren't "big" enough on the work calendar to get a day off for to maybe visit family...yet...everyone and their mother {literally} seems to be busy because family is in town or getting together.

There's something a little bit more lonely about knowing the majority of the church is with family. And mine were hundreds {sometimes thousands} of miles away. No one is free to go out to lunch. Or to text back. Facebook is bare. With the exception of pictures of families celebrating Easter.

Maybe its physically not possible to do anything but what your family has scheduled this year. Sometimes, that is entirely legitimate.

But. Maybe you're able to consider inviting a single with long-distance {or no} family to join you? Or maybe just snag coffee with them after relatives leave?

Just a thought. 

We are in fact, family in the Lord. And if your daughter or son lived far away...I imagine it would bless you if someone cared for them during the "awkward" holidays...

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Debi Gray Walter said...

Hey Janelle,
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