Saturday, March 9, 2013

The question of "Where?"

It's the most asked question about our desire to do cross-cultural mission's work.


This leads me to explain one of the things we love most about World Team.

World Team sees themselves as an aid. Helping local churches send missionaries across the Globe.

Many, many local churches around America {and around the world} don't have the knowledge, information, or cultural experience that it takes to effectively send missionaries cross-culturally.

But, World Team does.

So, sort of "holding the hand" of our local church, World Team will help us {Josh, me, and Warrington Fellowship Church} walk through this process...and that includes determining WHERE.

I am ridiculously and shamefully ignorant.

There are so many places, and peoples, cultures and even countries that I don't know about. It is daunting trying to "pick one" when I know very little {or nothing} about them.

...especially when we're planning on moving to this "unknown place" for decades...

This is where World Team comes in.

With their past and current knowledge of cultures and existing teams on various fields all over the world, they will help us as we walk through this process. Next Friday, March 16th, we will begin a week long Orientation. World Team will be watching us, interacting with us, assessing and counseling us in very deep, intentional ways. As they learn about our strengths and weaknesses, giftings and failings, at the end of the week- if they see fit to invite us to be apart of World Team-- they will suggest a number of places for us {and our local church} to prayerfully consider.

So at this point...we don't know yet. We don't know where in the world {literally} we will be going.

But, we are so blessed to have such enthusiastic support from both our local church and the members at World Team, and we are thrilled about deciding together, where "Josh and Janelle Morrison would 'fit' best as missionaries cross-culturally."

We invite you to join us as we pray for the Lord's leading!!

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Virginia said...

You have my prayers added to all the others! May God's answer be as clear as the still waters...a mirror perfectly reflecting his image in your lives.

I'm so excited for you both and can hardly wait to hear where you "fit" in the plan..

much love to y'all ;-)