Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home away from Home

I'm back from my adventures!

Well, sort of. I'm still in Wales- which is always an adventure.

I had a wonderfully refreshing time away- words cannot describe the sweet time I had with the LORD- especially in Italy. He did an amazing work in my heart. Lies I believe about Him uncovered, truth revealed; grief over my wrong perspective of the Father-- joy that He's not as I often think. Tears all over the place. The Walti family and Alyssa Romanacce (from Orlando) served me incredibly every second I was there. Ministering to me, serving me cappuccino's, fellowship, encouragement, hours of prayer. Acquaintences becoming dear and precious friends.

But the MOST encouraging part of my trips, were the opportunities the LORD gave me to share the Gospel with those I ran into...and that I wasn't dreading them...thats what was MOST exciting! Such a huge change God has done in my heart in the last 8 months. Each time I used to get on a plane, I'd hope no one would sit next to me, so I wouldn't have to fight through the conversation wondering if I should share the Gospel...and then the condemnation that would so often follow.

Two conversations stick out in particular- one with a girl in Jenn and my hostel in London. She was sitting on the floor when we came in. We'd hardly put our things down before she asked me specifically what I was doing in Wales. I replied as I often do, "We're going into local schools doing assemblies and telling kids about how Jesus has changed our lives." She kept saying, "Wow. Wow. God sent you here to me." We talked about the Gospel for a good 45 minutes to an hour before praying for her. She asked how to become a Christian. I'm not sure if she got saved...but God was definitely at work.

The other was on my flight home Saturday night with a couple who was interested to know how I "got into that sort of stuff" as they pointed to my Bible. Amazing opportunity. Turns out, they live close to me-- so you can bet they'll be getting some Christchurch info in the mail soon.

Thanks for your prayers for saftey and refreshment- God answered them beyond what I could've imagined!

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