Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shopping in liquid sunshine

I was able to meet up with six year 7 girls from Bettws today to go shopping. (I know they look bored- but we had fun...I promise!)

We met at Mcdonalds (Mackey-D's...not Mickey-D's) and they asked me some questions about VJ and why Jesus had to die, etc. Some really good questions. They seemed really affected by a movie clip from The Passion that Dave Taylor showed the other week- saying they hated it, but that it "made them believe more."

Please pray for Valmai, Alana, Yasmein, Jade, Cassie, and Sophie in the middle. Like the rest of us, they need Jesus.
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amy h r donahue said...

hi dear! thank you for the chocolate!!! most thoughtful and delicious. <3
we're thinking august 15th. just trying to find a reception location.


Kelly Maurer said...

hi sweet precious dear girl!!! I have some very exciting news....(no, not another baby yet)...can I send you an email??