Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Beginning of the End.

Last week we had a GAP Team meeting with Dan and Paso (two of the pastors) to discuss the end of this term and what things we'd be involved in before heading back to the States in August. That night, for me, marked the start of the END of the GAP Team. Since then, we've all been talking a lot more about what we're going to miss...and how quickly time is going. Reminiscing and laughing about "old times" which really were only a few short months ago. It's funny to think that a year ago at this time, I didn't even know about the GAP Team's existence...let alone those who would be on it.

To attempt to inform you of all we've been involved in, and the ways God is moving and building our faith is a daunting task. He never stops working. He is so faithful to use weak, unskilled, broken, sinful vessels to bring Himself glory. What a humble God we serve. It's a joy to watch the LORD grow each team member- and how He uses our strengths and weaknesses to mold us as a team and challenge each other.

We've begun to receive "gifts" in different forms from Church members to thank us for being here. Last week we had a delicious roast meal, tonight we had tickets to a Praise Concert (the picture above...Elso wasn't able to make it- he has Aussie friends in town). It's humbling that we are being thanked. We have received so much.

It's not over yet- still a few more months to go. But treasuring and savoring our time together is happening...

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