Saturday, May 30, 2009


So, the reason for no pictures in my post today, is that my lap top is dying a slow and painful death. It now has no room left on it to upload anything. Dangerous, I know. I need to get an external hard drive asap...

I skipped ahead a couple chapters in Future Grace to a title that grabbed my attention. Future Grace vs. Covetousness.

The chapter on impatience continued to use the idea that we are impatient when we're in an unplanned place at an unplanned pace. This, is my life right now. =)

So, merging that with what I'm now learning about my coveting heart. The book describes covetousness as "desiring something so much that we lose contentment in God." =/

Clenched fists must open and let everything fall out of them. Dreams. Relationships. Living location. Plans. HE is my God. Contentment and joy is in Him alone. Not in things. Not in people. Not in places. (Not in the American culture!)

Contentment in God.
It doesn't have a location. Or a length of time. No people or local churches are attached. God is not too small to find contentment in; rather, when we search for it elsewhere, we sell ourselves short- we are far too easily pleased. He has so much more for us!

God is doing a work. Doing a work in my heart that I am so excited about. I'm beginning to let go of things I didn't realize I was holding onto. Beginning to learn to TRUST Him with all that is within me. Beginning to be EXPECTANT each day as to what He's up to and where I get to watch Him work. He's becoming bigger in my eyes. More powerful. More loving. I'm seeing Him more for who He really is. Oh, what a great King we have!


Allister said...

So good. and so encouraging.

"I'm encouraged that you two are encouraged that each other's encouraged"

haha. And we need to get this whole picture thing taken care. It's simply not going to cut it. ;-)
love you Jage!

Marvin033 said...

Awesome lessons to be learning! In a sense your very much like your laptop..dying..but dying to your self:)

On another note, have you tried "defraging" your computer and cleaning the disc drive? This will help clear up some space (it may take a while if this is your first time doing so). Defrage it about 2x a week or so, and that will help keep your computer running smoothly, for now.

Unknown said...

That was perfect for me to read today. Thank you.