Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day, Mommy!

If you've never had the immense privilege of meeting my mom, let me introduce you. Some know her as Carol Leach. C-A-R-O-L L-E-A-C-H (she spells it because she thinks people don't understand her northern accent), four know her as Mommy, a few as Mimi (including my adorable nephew in the above photo who is SO BIG!), and others affectionately call her "Mamma Leach."

My mom is the most selfless person I've ever met. Always looking for ways to secretly and invisibly serve someone without them noticing. That's when she finds the most joy.

The biggest encourager; number one cheerleader-- always giving an "A+, Gold Star" with two thumbs up when you do something well. I'm not joking...she really does that. The 4th grade teacher in her shines through- and we all love it.

She prays constantly. I wish I had a dollar (or pound, actually) for the number of times she's prayed for me in my lifetime. I can't count the number of times she's called in the morning and said, "I was up all night praying for you-- are you ok?" When she says she was up all night-- she was. Really. Up all night praying. For me.

My mom's faith and trust in God staggars me. Through the very high "ups" and very low "downs" even just in the last several years of my watch my mom, who loves me in a unique way to everyone else on the planet, respond appropriately in compassion, joy, words of comfort, wisdom, acts of kindness, and a finger always pointing to the LORD. Encouraging me to thank Him for His faithfulness, or reminding me of His faithfulness. As I get older and look back over my childhood and teen years, my perspective of my mom changes. As I consider what it must've been like for her to walk through what she with me in the ways she did (wow, its amazing), and always have eyes that were set on things AHEAD. That's where her focus is. What God is GOING to do. What HOPE we have for change. Future grace. She exhibits patience. Perseverance. Graciousness. Forgiveness.

The heart of her husband trusts her. She does him good and not harm all the days of her life. Oh she serves Daddy so well. Everytime we get off skype its because she wants to do something to serve him before he gets home from work. We, as her family, are her greatest joy. You better believe that no matter WHAT we are doing, if we're all together...mommy's smiling. And repeating time and time again as she rubs her chest, "I just love being together." My brother JJ does the best impression.

Mommy, I hope to be half the godly woman, wife, mom, and friend that you are someday. I pray you sense God's pleasure today. Your children love you. (Especially me.)

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Tambra said...

Hear! Hear! And I only know the half of it! Appropriate words for your dear, dear mother! She has taught you well the grace of encouragement- it's fun to hear you return the favor. I am honored and delighted to know C-A-R-O-L L-E-A-C-H! You could have no one better. She is a treasure and truly personifies the word, "Mother!" Without a doubt you'll follow suit!!