Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Leach Family Update Dec 2010

There's a chance you'll be receiving this letter from my mom in the mail in just a few weeks...but here you go anyways. :)

Janelle here again. Wow. Time really does fly as you get older. I remember thinking how old people who said that were. And now here I am. Feeling old. How in the world does this happen? Another year has come and gone?!

Goodness, 2011. That makes JJ 28 next June. Katie turning 27, me 25 (I just gagged!), and Joy 23- all in February. Justin turns 8 this year. Wait. That can’t be right. 21?! TWENTY ONE in April. (Oh, Lord, help us.) Surely there is something wrong with this picture.

JJ and Katie have yet ANOTHER addition to their family! Hudson William born August 13th. (Oh how I hope every “Christmas letter” contains family addition news.) Jack turned 2 in November and he and Hudson dominate the “cuteness factor” in the world. We aren’t bias. We just happen to have the most adorable boys on the face of the planet as a part of our family. No sense in denying it.

JJ’s cracking on (as they’d say in the UK) with work for Henrico County as a fire medic. He got his certification as a technical rescue specialist- wahoo! He also attended a FEMA Disaster Medical Specialist class in Texas last spring. So if you really want a visit from JJ, just make sure your geographical location has a disaster this year. He’ll come rescue you.

Katie graduated!!! We are so proud of her! She now has a Masters in Counseling Education and her degree is currently “on hold” as she raises and trains two boys. (Far more work than a full
time job.) Hudson’s arrival was a bit of a surprise, and Katie has done a great job making adjustments needed to welcome him to the world and prepare for his arrival. Her days consist of diapers, laundry, meal-making, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. etc. etc. She is amazing at what she does!

“Jack Attack.” What a stud. He’s walking and nearly talking. He can communicate without a hitch- and if you ask me, he sees no reason to talk. We understand him, he understands us…why not just chill out? He adores his little brother and loves hugging him and kissing him. Dinosaurs and books are his favourite; especially books where you have to “find the animal.” He’s very good with his animals.

Hudson is 4 months. He doesn’t do anything but eat, poop, and drool, but he does them all WONDERFULLY and is entirely adorable! And we love him.

I have taken this year to attempt adjusting back to the American culture. It has taken even longer than expected; I miss proper sarcasm tremendously. “Rubbish, brilliant, cheers, boot, gutting and mingin’” are still consistently coming out of my mouth and unnecessary “u”s are regularly found in my spelling. I am living in Orlando with an amazing family and have begun my own “on location” business doing hair and make-up. Janelle on Location became an LLC (Limited Liability Company) officially in June. We are the preferred vendor at the David’s Bridal in Orlando and are working on continuing to build clientele. I am hiring some administrative help at the beginning of this year and cannot wait to see its effect! Feel free to take a look at my website(s): and spread the word—we travel world-wide! I’m currently saving my extra babysitting money for a trip to Wales this year- I miss the culture (and the people) so much!

Joy Leach. What a spectacular student. Joy graduated in May from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She enjoyed her last summer this year as the water front intern at Young Life’s Lake Champion in New York. She went to nationals this year for diving and pole vaulting AND placed top twenty in BOTH! She just finished a semester of student teaching in Chicago and is officially DONE with school! Well, as a student anyways. She got her degree in Special Education and is considering taking a teaching position in Richmond and living with JJ and Katie and the boys for a bit. Another option is to head to New York and crash with my parents to roll in the cash as a nanny before starting to settle anywhere. OR. She could take a semester to travel all over the States to visit some very-missed Young Life friends at every corner of the continent. Verdict is still out. Keep up with her at:

Justin planned to head back to ODU this fall but was last minute, unexpectedly offered a place on a travel hockey team in Massachusetts. He took the opportunity and moved right outside of Boston for a few months. After discovering dynamics were a bit different than “advertised” to him, he transferred to a team in Wilkes-Barre, Scranton (Yay for The Office!) in Pennsylvania. He is a born leader and has already improved his game so much. He’s learning a lot “about life” as he often says, and we are grateful he still has all of his teeth so far. All of this has just evidenced his love for hockey even more—it seems he’s considering a future coaching the sport or being an athletic director of some kind.

Daddy and Mommy are still in Manhattan! Daddy’s working at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in cardiac post-operative ICU. He had some emergency surgery this summer but has recovered well and we are grateful for your prayers. He is taking classes at NYU in Nursing Administration and is enjoying that. He’s committed to learning! “Poppi” loves Jack and Hudson and he and “Mimi” visit Richmond often.

Mommy has adjusted outstandingly to life in New York City. Every time she tells me she’s getting on or off the subway I am amazed! She took a nanny job at the beginning of November (after interviewing with everyone and their mother—she was in high demand!) and immediately (as always) has fallen completely in love with the kids. There are 2- ages 2 and 6 months. “Mimi” is the best grandmother in the world and takes any and EVERY opportunity to see her grandsons. She and my dad have taken time this year to visit each of us kids in our respective cities and states. It’s always so fun to have them come into our “other worlds.”

Well, I guess that just about wraps it up for the Leach clan. I’m sure it’ll feel like tomorrow that I’m writing you about what we’re thinking 2012 will look like. We love you and hope to see you soon. Have a great year enjoying the faithful hand of God working in your life!

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