Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunny weekend in Newport

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly...SUNSHINE is in Wales! (I know, its like an oxymoron, right?!) 

On Friday, we headed to Oakwood (a theme park near West Wales) with our LIFE groups. It was sunny, warm, and beautiful. 

The "main" ride was Speed. A 92 degree drop- I was afraid until I saw it. 92 degrees, yes, but not very high. Huge adrenaline rush though! For some of the girls, this was their first time on a roller coaster!

(Vanessa and Susanna, all these pictures from the rides made me think of our adventures with Kelly Short- I think I still have some of those somewhere!)

I was surprised when Saturday was sunny as well! I met up with one of the senior teen girls for coffee in Cardiff (had a some-what awkward witnessing opportunity before she got there with 85 year old, Paulina. Please pray for her to be saved) and then the GAP Team went out to dinner with Mike and Sarah (I think Taige has that picture) as a "send off." The best pub around- beautiful scenery, excellent food, wonderful company. We laughed and mocked each other the entire time. ::Sigh:: I love it. The Paso's last day is Thursday. Can't believe how the year has flown!

Sunday we went to the beach with the Uni Students; "Rest Bay." Gotta love that. Kat, Ives, and I walked on the sand for about an hour. That will be a cherished memory. (Oh, the beach makes me miss Florida!)

And then TODAY when I woke up, and the sun was out again (or, rather, the sun wasn't covered by clouds and rain) I threw on my bating suit and spent the day in the yard reading, listening to my ipod, and enjoying the presence of the LORD. What a mystery that we can be near Him because of what Jesus has done. I just love it. I've been reading in Exodus about how the temple is to be built and what Aaron and his sons are to wear while offering sacrifices (this is when my ESV study bible is incredibly helpful) and I am not only grateful that we don't have to perform these same sacrifices...but am amazed and humbled that God came to earth to BE that we could enter "the Holy of Holies." Today as I looked at the picture drawn of what the temple was to look like- I noticed the curtain. The curtain that after Christ died was torn in two; Glory!!! Rejoice! It is finished! We can enter boldly into the presence of the Most Holy God because Jesus Christ has made a way!

I am learning (slowly) how to anticipate grace. It is a theme. This is my current prayer request. That in the coming weeks and months, especially the month of August, and then the next year...that I would be on the edge of my my "unplanned place" at my "unplanned pace" WAITING and watching and eager to see what God is doing and where He's working. Enjoying Him, delighting in Him, adoring Him, and rejoicing in His cross.

Thank you for your faithful prayers- I am regularly amazed by the amount of "I'm praying for you"s at the end of your emails. Thank you, thank you. It is humbling.

Missing you all dearly!

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