Monday, June 1, 2009

Jonah Assembly

When the rest of the GAP team is doing their Bettws prep, my job is to work on assemblies. The Whale has been my favorite prop to make so far and I loved how the Gappers got so into their characters this time. 

Peter explained at the end how God is a compassionate God and how that relates to the Gospel. 

One of the pastors here, Dave Taylor, regularly makes the analogy of "sticky bombs" from Saving Private Ryan when the Gospel is preached. The "sticky bombs" (grenades in socks with tar or something on them--I haven't actually seen the movie) were thrown onto tanks, etc. and who knows when they'd go off and explode. Dave says that the Gospel is like that. We share it, we preach it, and God makes "it go off" in peoples hearts in His timing.

We talk about sticky bombs a lot when we do assemblies. =)

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