Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lunch Club!

Today we launched our first Lunch Club at Bettws High School. We invited all of year 7 (whoever had questions about Christianity or was interested in a discussion) to join the GAP Team for lunch in a certain room.

For the girls, the conversation started off pretty bleak. It seemed like the two sweet girls who were with us, weren't as interested in Christianity as much as maybe having lunch with someone. We continued to ask questions and engage in conversation, but it wasn't headed anywhere fast.

Then, 5 excited girls came in the room and joined us. I'd love to get into the details, but I think it might bore you. Long story short, we opened the Bible to Exodus 20 and went through the 10 Commandments- explaining what those big words mean and trying to help them see how we fall short on each one and have broken God's law.

One girl looked at me as we got to the tenth one and had admitted "guilty" to each one...she said, "Does this mean I'm going to hell?!" It was encouraging to see that their eyes were being opened to our need for a Savior.

We were able to share that we are all headed for hell- its what we deserve...our only hope is Jesus. They sat silently, eyes wide, on the edge of their seats as I explained what it meant that Jesus came, lived a perfect life, died in our place taking God's anger that we deserve on Himself so we could know Him. Then, He rose again offering us life in Him. If we put our hope, trust, and faith in Jesus, and give our lives to Him...we are saved from hell.

We told them that THIS is why we came to Wales. We knew there were people here who thought they had to do enough good things or NOT do enough bad things to get into heaven...but we came to tell them that's not how it works. Jesus is the only way. They seemed to be beginning to get it...

Words do not describe the adrenaline rush and excitement we all felt as we left the building. Oh, LORD! Save them! The girls said they were coming again next week and gave us hugs as we left.

I can't stop praying for REVIVAL IN WALES. Starting in Bettws.

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Joy Leach said...

So encouraging! I'll be praying. Love you!