Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wash away Jack's sin.

In my texts to Leah and Cassie this morning concerning their ride to church, Leah mentioned her cousin was coming.

We picked them up at the Bettws High School Bus Bay. Jack, Leah's cousin who's in year 6, was with them.

After church, Ivy had something come up and wasn't able to join us- but Leah, Cassie, Jack and I went to McDonalds. I asked Leah how she invited Jack while he was ordering- she said, last night they were having a disagreement about if God was real or not...and she mentioned she was coming to church today...did he want to come. At first he said no, but then changed his mind. He came to the table as she was explaining agreeing with what she said. I asked, "So, do you still think God doesn't exist?" He said, "No, I do now." I asked why. He said, "What that guy said this morning-- judgment. It's real." I smiled.

We ate and Jack kept asking if we could do our Bible reading- I kept telling him, once we ate, we could get the Bibles out. (Christchurch gave them each one today!) He was eager! As we ate, they asked various questions about this morning's message, or about creation, or suffering, a few year 7 Bettws boys came in and started mocking us. As we began to read, they were calling Leah and Cassie Bible Bashers and making faces at them through the window. They responded really well and kept saying, "Ugh, never mind, let's keep reading." I was well impressed.

The mocking got so distracting, we moved to a corner where the boys couldn't see us. (And proceeded to look up verses about persecution and how we should respond to these boys.) It was amazing to me how quickly they accepted what Scripture had to say, and their understanding of various passages, and desire to work them out.

Jack was EATING UP the Scriptures so much that I just flat out asked him if he wanted to be a Christian. (I had hesitated thinking, "This just seems too easy...I must be missing something...") He eagerly said yes. I told him I would pray first, and then he could pray. Just ask God to forgive him for His sins- tell God he was putting His faith in Jesus and that he wanted to live for Him- however he wanted to word that. He looked nervous. Leah looked at him and said, "It's ok, Cassie and I have done it already." Again, I smiled.

I prayed. Jack prayed, "God, I just pray that you would wash away all of my sin." My heart leapt. I have no idea where he came up with that wording, but man, do I love it! What can wash away my sin? NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS!

We sat in McDonald's reading the book of John for 2 hours. Each one borrowing my one pen as they underlined, circled, and highlighted different words. They got so excited that Old Testament Scripture was being repeated because prophecies came true. They loved it. Jack gets especially excited about the disciples- he finds them fascinating.

I was freshly convicted by their eagerness to read the Living Word of God. I was reminded anew as I answered a "suffering" question by explaining the story of Joseph, that God works in ways we don't understand. This is good for my soul.

I am more convinced now than ever that God works how He wants and when He wants regardless of what we think or feel. He doesn't need us...and that He uses us, is humbling, astounding, and something to forever marvel at.

Join me in continuing to pray for these three souls. That this is genuine salvation. That they would stand strong in the face of trial. That these seeds planted would be found on good soil. That their friends would be saved. That God would start revival in Bettws.

It's weekends like this, that I'm STOKED about staying here another year. God's kindness...that year 7 is the age group we're working with in Bettws...and that my LIFE girls are the same age. Ah, I have a vision to merge these two groups that Christ might be glorified. I have a passion to dive into Scripture with them and discuss Biblical Femininity and how it beautifully adorns the Gospel. I am amazed by God's kind sovereignty. He is worthy of Praise!!!

To Him alone be Glory!


Unknown said...

this is so crazy awesome

alli said... incredible. God is working. I wait with great anticipation to hear how God continues to use you in such a way.

love you.