Thursday, October 22, 2009


YPD is our teens discipleship group on a Saturday morning once a month. About 20 or so of us gather together in Junction 26 (a room in the church building...that's just what we call it) and share what God is doing.

Last Saturday was amazing. The girls really opened up and seemed to be a help to eachother- I love watching it all unfold...seeing them interact and the Lord draw them closer to Himself.

We were to pick a specific way to enjoy the Gospel this next month, and email each other what it was so we can ask how it went when we meet next month.

I thought, in updating you, I'd just copy and paste my email to them from Monday:

Well I don't know about you, but getting psyched and encouraged and ready to fight my sin and enjoy the Gospel on Saturday morning at YPD...sure seems to decrease by the time Monday morning rolls around and my alarm is going off. None of you are sitting in my room oozing with joy as you talk about what Jesus has done in your life. No music is on. No one is around. And no one is going to know if I read…or if I’m paying attention to my reading… (well, no one except God. But He can seem not-so-exciting in the morning. It grieves me to say that, but that’s my sin. That’s what I can feel like. And God already knows I think that. In fact, He poured out His wrath for that sin on His innocent Son…and now, its not on my record anymore…)

Anybody else feel like me?

Something I’m going to try for the next month, is dedicating my drive to work to enjoy the Gospel more. Whether I'm listening to, or quoting aloud portions of Scripture (the Psalms I recorded on my ipod) or "The Gospel Primer", or praying, or actively listening to music...not just having it on because its nice, but for the PURPOSE of engaging my heart to worship God.

This morning I quoted The Gospel Primer and prayed a bit. What struck me as I reminded myself of these truths is something God keeps repeating to me recently in various ways: He is not “nearer” or “more pleased” when I’m wrestling with something and suffering in life then when everything seems fine and is going well. You see, my last few years have had some pretty massive challenges and trials one after another…and now that they have “settled” a bit, I’m often struggling feeling like I’m not growing, or God would get more glory if I was struggling. NOT true! His grace is to enjoy for even when things are going great! He’s not in heaven wishing things were hard so I’d be running to Him in desperation like before. Instead, I get to run to Him because of my love for Him!

What about you? Did you remember to do your “new idea” this morning? If not, don't feel condemned; remember: Jesus has paid it ALL! (What are your plans for tomorrow?)

Anyone get to read Week 1 Monday’s devotional? What’d you think?

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My year in Wales... a memoir in the making said...

Hurray! Those are MY girls!!!
You are going to serve them so well! The your email really challenged me! Thanks for you care and heart to personaly be growing along with these girls! I love them and I love YOU!!!