Monday, October 26, 2009

Hearts of Servants...

These are my parents. (Can I please look like my mom when I grow up?) They...are amazing.

Justin, the baby of the family, went to college in August...and my parent's first order of business as "empty nesters" was to take my grandparents to DC- where they've always wanted to go. Every museum and cemetery imaginable. The hearts of servants.

Since my dad's parents aren't as mobile as they used to be, this took lots of work, patience, and MILES of walking pushing wheelchairs.

I just got off the phone with Granny and Grampa-- we normally don't talk that long on the phone, just a quick catch up...but this time, they told me every last thing they did and saw-- down to what they ate and how sweet my mom was in getting all their bags together and through the different security checkpoints of museums. Granny kept saying that its a good thing my parents like to walk!

When a toiletry bag was discovered to be missing the first night (containing an important charger) my dad drove from DC back to Charlottesville and then BACK AGAIN in the same night to fetch it. Arriving back at the hotel at like 2 am, only to start a day of walking and pushing a wheelchair just a few hours later.

Mommy and Daddy, you guys take honouring your mother and father to a new level. I love watching you not conform to the ways of this world...

The love of Christ shines bright in you!!!
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Marvin033 said...

What an example of Godliness! I want to be like that too when I grow up!


Anonymous said...

JJ, We got the wonderful priveledge of hearing your testimony on how God used Mentoring in your life via video on saturday! Thank you so much for was very impacting! I can't wait to see how God continues to change you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for such kind words, but you know that I don't have any money to give you...;-) You are so kind to show Mommy and I the way God looks at us...we are truly so unworthy, but it is nice to know that your children see your example...we love you and your siblings beyond words to describe...may God lead you to walk with Him.