Saturday, December 4, 2010


Meet Chris and Emily. I live with them. They. Are wonderful. And if they don't kick me out before the third week of January...this will officially be the longest place I've lived in the last 6 years.

They let me have parties in their house. Often. We always have tons of dishes to wash the next morning after we pack the dishwasher full and run it overnight.

I got up early this morning to finish them (because Emily is far too eager to serve me and always beats me to it)...

...and both Emily and I woke up to the dishes being completely done- counter spotless...

and Chris left her a post-it note,

"I love you this much."

And it was so sweet, I thought the world should know.

Not only was Emily blessed and left only falling in love with her husband more, but I also am enjoying EXTRA time with the Lord this morning and savoring every second in this busy time of year.

Grace is such a sweet thing.
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Noelle said...

=) this makes me so happy.

Marvin033 said...

ahh. so wonderful!