Sunday, December 12, 2010

T-day Leach style

To back up a little, Thanksgiving with the Leach fam was splendid. I hadn't seen Joy in nearly 11 months- it will be a year at Christmas since I've seen Justin. Praise the Lord for the technology of cell phones. Or. "Mobiles" as my mind still calls them.

"Mimi and Poppi" as adorable and madly in love as ever.

JJ and Katie opened their home for yet ANOTHER sibling and extended family invasion.

Our new little man! Hudson William. With his aunties who were mostlikely fighting over him right before this picture. Chances are...I won.

My favourite boys in the entire universe. (How big is Jack?! I swear. The farther away you live, the faster they grow up.)

How is it that we love other human beings SO MUCH when they're "ours"...I don't get it. Can't imagine what its like to have ones that are REALLY "yours." Oh, the love. Makes the Gospel that much sweeter. Amazing that He gave His own Son, isn't it?
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