Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wisdom from the wise...

On Sunday afternoon I had the distinct honour and privilege of going to Hettie and Eirwen's for lunch. Our Home Group takes turns bringing them lunch each week...this week was my turn. Being cheeky, I asked if I could come along.

As we sat eating stuffed shells (thanks, Meghann!) I began to ask just a few strategic and purposeful questions about God and life. It was less than 60 seconds before I ran into the next room to grab my journal to document their answers. I hardly said a word the whole time I was there.

I was astounded by the things they were saying, and the great truth contained in them. I have purposed to dedicate several posts to what they had to share with me, in hopes that you can benefit as well. None of this is new. Most of us have heard these things time and again...but to hear them from women like Hettie and Eirwen who are seasoned women who love the Lord (and have been Christians for about 80 years)...these are what they considered most important to share with me.

1. Be anxious for nothing.

2. Learn to graciously say no.

3. Acknowledge gifts from the LORD and thank Him.

4. Reinforce what we profess to believe by how we live.

5. What you teach the children, sticks.


My year in Wales... a memoir in the making said...

Janelle I love that you are learning from them! Soak it up so you can pass it on to me! I wish I could have been there to hear these truths in depth! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Kat Toms said...

i am so jealous. what a privilege to have dinner with those two beautiful women of God. please do post about the often.