Monday, April 19, 2010

The Kingdom of God: mono-cultural

When the point was made yesterday during the service by Danny Jones, that there are no "different cultures" in the Gospel; the Kingdom of God is head began to spin.

What? What does that mean? How does that relate to what I'm processing and how I'm transitioning? Huh?

And then it hit me.

We try to add our own culture to the Gospel. We need to get our culture OFF OF the Gospel. Stop tainting it.

The Gospel, and those adopted into the family of God have ONE culture: living a life with Scripture as our authority. Christ is supreme. This should never change. In this we are united.

Certainly I think there is room for application to vary in different lives/cultures. Like I mentioned in a previous post, "giving grace to those who hear" is opposite in America and Wales. In sarcasm, I build relationally with the Brit...but tear down the American.

I'm still not sure I understand all of this really...but I'm enjoying the thinking so far. Sometimes it really does my head in- but that's what I love about it. God is so much bigger than I can imagine...

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One example is this....when folks come to Christ. We often are quick to show them the books they should be reading, how to dress, the music they should be listening too etc. Why not just let the gospel change them. Good post.