Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Personal Retreat

Tomorrow morning I will be enjoying Florida sunshine, my Bible, Starbucks, the gift of prayer, and enjoyment in grace for this particular season of my life. I will also be begging for wisdom and asking God for direction for the next few months- whilst enjoying the promise that He guides my every step...and promises to bestow wisdom when we ask. (Which awesome-ly means that I can, with confidence, make decisions that have "wisdom.")

With a coffee in one hand, my Bible in the other, and the Holy Spirit inside of me, I have set my day aside to prayerfully consider how to prioritize my time in this next season so as to make the best use of it.

What Home Group should I be involved in? Who are the primary relationships to invest in right now? Do I have a healthy balance of work and rest? How am I committed to grow in Biblical femininity? What are the priorities for right now? How can I prepare to guard my heart for temptations I see around the corner?

In all honesty, I plan to leave my time with few (if any) answers. Yet having asked the questions and prayed about them, I trust it will help in the decisions to be made over the coming weeks.

Before heading back to the States for my "crash landing" as I like to call it, I purposed to give it three months to sort of stumble along; move in, get business of some kind going, say hello to my friends and church family members, etc...then, I'd begin to be a little bit more intentional about things. As one who is prone to over-analyze, I refused to analyze much...especially given that there was hardly enough time for any sort of "pattern" to form.

Believe it or not, today marks exactly three months from my "move-back" date to Orlando. I can't believe it. Seems like yesterday I was in Wales. Also seems like I never left Florida.

I had no idea how much God changed my heart, my perspective, the way I think about Scripture, and my understanding of grace while I was in Wales. In fact, I learn more every day of the work He did overseas and in a "strange" culture. A culture that I now miss dearly. My life has been radically transformed by a year across the Atlantic.

I am adjusting every day still. Culturally, relationally, financially...if you can put "ally" at the end: I'm adjusting to it. But this adjustment is not difficult; in fact, this is possibly one of the most wonderful, enjoyable, faith building seasons I've ever had. God is up to much.

If you happen to read this blogpost on April 8th, will you please pray for me? That God would fill my heart with faith and my mind with peace. That the Gospel would be more beautiful to me- Jesus Christ more treasured. That I would have wisdom and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. After all, this is all for His glory anyway.

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Courtney Cooke said...

YES Praying for you right now girly! I am so grateful that you have set aside this time to seek after the Lord's heart and intent for you for these next months! God has some amazing things in-store for you, His Beloved I can not wait to see those things come to fruition!