Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How am I?

So many have asked. Thank you.

I am doing well. Still, very much adjusting. I mentioned that to someone this weekend and their response was, "Still?! Haven't you been back for a really long time?"

Four months is 1/4 of the time I was away...maybe I'll never feel "adjusted." But yeah. I feel like I've not been back long at all.

Business is building. Doing well. The last few weeks, VERY well. Hairstyling is a very roller coaster-y job. Some weeks are slammed, some are incredibly slow. I've recently been slammed. Praise God.

I am in need of a car, so am saving saving saving those pennies- but lots of pennies are coming in! I've been able to build some good relationships that I'm hoping will continue to grow into Gospel opportunities.

The family I live with is wonderful. They have re-arranged their lives and schedules joyfully and with great enthusiasm to loan me a car every day of the week if I need one. This is no small thing. Their willingness to be inconvenienced is not only making my business possible, but it's making living in the STATES possible. That is no exaggeration.

I would love your prayers for a good car. :)

These are the two areas I feel like I've "settled in" quite a bit: at home and with my job. Every other area the jury is still out on. Relationships, how to serve the local church, mentoring and being discipled, evangelism...

I'll never have all of these "figured out"...but a rhythm will begin to form at some point. Who am I to be building friendships with? How exactly can I serve the teen girls at Metro? Who should I be pouring into? etc. etc. Lots of question marks. But its wonderful!

97% of this season is joyous, beautiful, glorious, and genuinely just enjoying life. 3% is difficult and challenging at times. Those times are few and far between. And those few and far between times are always rich with grace. God is faithful.

Thank you for your prayers.

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Kristen said...

I'm so glad to hear the business is going so well. You've got my prayers for the new car!