Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, JRO!!!

Jenn Romanski (proudly sporting the Florida Gators t-shirt) is one of my dearest friends.

She loves Truth. She loves counsel. She loves doctrine and theology and deep conversations about God's character. She pursues humility to the enth degree. She takes refuge in the LORD. Enjoys soaking in Scripture. She encourages me towards godliness. She is positioned as an arrow in my life-- pointing to the Savior and His cross.

When I need help or have questions, Jenn is one of the first I go to.

She lived in Orlando for a few months doing a Disney Internship (I argue that it was better than mine, but as I hear, it wasn't glamorous). At the end of her time in Orlando, I began to notice how much I wanted to be like her. Her gentle and quiet spirit. Her passion for modesty and biblical femininity...then she moved away. But phone calls happened. She visited a lot. And then, lo and behold, she began a 2 year Master's program which put her in my home town of Charlottesville, VA for last summer (and this upcoming summer too.) I got to stay with her last June while I was in a wedding. In between the summers, she's in Charlotte, NC. The home town of half of the GAP Team. Living with one of their friends. I love how our lives are always somehow linked.

She has pursued our friendship faithfully as I've been thousands of miles away this year. Emails, Google chat, care packages....you name it.

Jenn is making a trip to WALES in April! We plan to go to Dublin and London together...I am beyond excited!

Jenn, you simply have no idea what a joy your friendship is to me. The way you live your life encourages me so much. You are a treasure.

Happy Birthday! I hope you are spoiled rotten today. I love you. (So much that I posted this picture...which makes me very self-conscious of my height. =)

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