Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Mary heart on Valentines Day

Saturdays in my life are usually "Martha" days. (Luke chapter 10.) So much to do- people to serve, a week to recover from, another to get ready for...

But even if my actions are like Martha, my heart should be like Mary's. Sitting at the Master's feet. Listening to Him. Enjoying Him. Communing with Him.

As we run about today in Martha ways, lets position our hearts to be Mary's praying. Given the holiday (which Hallmark made up-- I know there was a St. Valentine, but, really...Hallmark took over)...let's take the opportunity to be praying for marriages.

Marriages are something that need lots of prayer, and I don't intercede for these relationships enough.

Let's pray for men to have new eyes to see how to live with their wives in an understanding way. Boldness and wisdom in gentle leadership. Humility. Fresh desire to woo their wife's heart- enjoyment in showering her with love. New joy in the Gospel. Hope in what God is doing in and through their families. Renewed passion for the Savior- and increasing gratefulness for what He's done...and who He's chosen as their wife. Appreciation for the innumerable ways she serves him to be stirred afresh. Faithfulness.

Let's pray for women to have humbly submissive hearts. To be regularly searching for how to help in creative ways. Esteem and honor for her husband to increase. Words of encouragement and kindness to regularly be on her tongue. Greater trust in the LORD through her husband's leadership. Deeper appreciation for his protection and care. Love for the Savior increasing as she is reminded that God sees, and her service is not in vain. Rewards are waiting. A heart that loves her husband, but loves the Gospel more, and frequently releases him to serve.

Let's pray for names, and faces- friends, neighbors, family members, church bodies...we need strong marriages!

As we pray, let's rejoice that the wonder and beauty of marriage is a reflection of the wonder and beauty of the cross!


Anonymous said...

Beautifully put jage...

Meghann Roberts said...

Oh Jan Jan! What a great post! Thank you for how you DO regularly pray for and encourage us married couples in your life. We do need prayers, that's for sure! ;) Love you, girl! Hope you have a wonderfully happy day!!

Medana22 said...

You my dear are going to be a Godly example of a wife one day:) Love you!