Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let it snow*

The last two days, we've spent hours walking door to door putting leaflets in people's mail slots. We're inviting people to Christchurch's "Visitor's Sunday" this week-- Pete usually speaks on a controversial subject to get people in the door. This week is "Heaven and Hell, myth or reality?" and we'll serve a free BBQ lunch at the end. The last several months, we've had over 200 VISITORS come to these meetings! It was wonderful walking around people's neighborhoods and praying for them as the invitation slipped through the door...or praying for some of you back home. Walks are great for that! I continue to be amazed at the privilege it is to be here. Thank you so much for the ways you have supported and released me. This is such a unique experience, and I am so grateful to be here!

Yay for school being canceled! Haven't been excited about that in years! It was nice to have an extra hour to sleep in before heading to work this morning.

And this is pretty little Newport covered in snow. We put leaflets in probably all of the homes you see here...

To say I've been "bundled up" the last couple days is an understatement. Leggings, leg warmers (yes, I bought some...I can't believe it either..), regular jeans, fuzzy socks, a jacket, a down-like vest, a bigger jacket on top, two pairs of gloves, a scarf, and a hat. Usually at least 3 shirts, but that's normal. I like to layer.

The insulated rain boots my parent's bought me have been amazing. I do love snow. But oh how I miss Florida sunshine!

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Medana said...

Wow, when I said stay warm I had no idea. God Bless you Girl!
I am sending warm fuzzies your way to help keep your blood flowing;)
Love ya!