Sunday, February 22, 2009

A small glimpse

Friday night we had VJ extra. (Kids from the neighborhood we bus in to share the gospel with-- but not with all the fun and games and inflatables- this one is for more questions and conversations.)

Elso shared his testimony...

...and it looks like one of the girls got saved!

I'd chatted with her for a while before the "talk" bit- catching up on how she was doing and what was going on in her life. The conversation seemed to be going well, and I'd hoped to set up a starbucks date with her sometime soon.

Next thing I know, she's texting me all day yesterday things like, "Is it a sin to swear and smoke?" or "I feel like a huge burden has been lifted- this is the best decision I've ever made." Today she told one of the other girls today she feels like she's "chosen life."

What's so unusual, is that this girl has no church background. It's tempting for me to wonder if she just knows the right words to say...but she DOESN'T know the right words to say. She came to church this morning (for the first time!), and we have a coffee date tomorrow. Please pray. I have no idea what she'll ask, or what we'll talk about. I am so weak. Help.

As she stood next to me during worship and we sang, "All voices join with the thousands who know mercy because of the cross- all sinners washed in your precious blood...together we will sing!" I couldn't help but think of That Day. And have my heart soar with eager anticipation. This is a glimpse. A taste. Oh the miracle of regeneration! The mystery of salvation!

Praise and glory be to Jesus Christ-- He is the Life Changer!


Daddy said...


As we heard in church today, its all grace so that He could love us, grace that shifted our blame to Him, all so He could pour out all of His love on us. God is setting up a divine appointment for you tomorrow. He will put the words in your mouth. He love you so much, you glorify Him so well. I'm so proud of you.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Janelle, I'll be praying for you!