Sunday, March 22, 2009

Card Making Day

Yesterday the year 7 and 8 LIFE girls came over to make some cards! For their mums (today is "Mothering Sunday") or friends who encourage them like Paul was encouraged by the Philippians. (We're studying that book of the Bible together.)

And Carys did some hair wraps

We become our mothers, don't we? Oh, I hope so.

Girls after my own heart. We sat around talking for a very short while before all laying down and attempting to abosorb color into our ever-so-pale skin.

And tacos for dinner!

Most of the girls had never seen hard tacos before- so funny!

Oh, these girls are SUCH a joy to me! Usually people joke with me when they hear I've spent all day with them, "Oh you must be exhausted!" "Make sure you get some rest!" "Oh my goodness, ALL DAY?" But in complete honesty, I have more energy after I've spent time with these girls. It is an utter joy to see the LORD at work in them- no matter where they are in their walk with Him. Some of them haven't begun yet, others are incredibly far along for their age...yet, to see His grace actively pursuing their hearts, opening their eyes, making connections between Scripture and real-life...its incredible. I feel so honored to be a spectator of the Almighty's work in each of these girls. And its after days like yesterday that the cost of being here can't even be felt. It is outweighed by joy.

::sigh:: God is so kind.

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Lauren said...

Janelle, I can't even begin to say what an utter joy it is for me to see you so passionate about sharing your love for Christ with other girls! You are so special, and I am loving getting to read your blog and learn about your ministry! Thank you for the gift that you are!