Friday, March 27, 2009

This week

This week has been an unusual one. Tuesday I started having some sort of cold/sore throat thing, and it began affecting my voice. Yesterday I felt like I screamed the narration of our 2 Easter assemblies, and today I crackled and squeaked the gospel to Katy when we met for coffee- I was practically whispering by the end. She is not yet saved but says she's "leaning" towards Christianity. She's been coming to VJ and VJxtra since January. Please pray that the LORD would open her eyes to the amazing and wonderful news of Jesus Christ's finished work on the cross! I get such a high every time I recount with another what actually took place when Jesus paid for our sins...its absolutely incredible.

I'm finding so much hope and peace in the Truth that the power to change hearts is not in me...but in the Gospel and the Word of God.

Easter Assembly (taken from a book):

At the end, Elso explained the sketch (skit) and preached the Gospel.

Tonight we had LIFE and even though the girls weren't very talkative during our discussion time, I had some really good conversations afterwards. God is at work! Glory to His Name!

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Medana said...

Lauren didnt move the whole time watching this! Thank you for preaching the gospel to little souls. Love and Miss you Friend.