Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jules!

So, to embark upon the task of drawing your attention to God's active grace in your, well, overwhelming. It's everywhere, Jules.

I can't tell you what an honor it is to know you, to consider you a dear friend, let alone to be considered a friend BY YOU, to have lived with you in the same room, (shared closet space, shampoo, jewelry, clothes, etc.)...and to be continually living life with you- even if its currently 4,000 miles apart.

Like I said on the phone the other night- when I talk to you, there's no "foundation" that needs to be laid down again- no matter how long its been since we talked. There's no need for unnecessary explanations-- you get me; I get you. That's just it. Friendship ordained by God- what a gift.

I love, admire and respect your consistent and faithful pursuit of purity. This pursuit was not something that began when a boy entered your life-- its been pursued for years. In your dress, your thinking, your relating to others. Your desire to adorn the Gospel and not draw attention away from it and to yourself is evident. I love how you fight against compromise- you are regularly in conversation with your parents and submitting to their counsel- regardless of what others around you are doing, saying or wearing. I also love how you fight your emotions. You desire to be governed by objective Truth found in God's Word more than what you subjectively feel. Even in very difficult situations.

I have seen you grow in humility before God in a tremendous way over the last several months. There is a deep, quiet peace and patient joy that seems to cover your speech. It brings glory to God.

I have also seen you grow in discipline. Juggling your many jobs and responsibilities around the home in addition to being pursued by a boy- surely you are embracing the truth that God's mercy to you is new every morning. =)

In all seriousness, I could go on and on...and I haven't even gotten to how much I love you yet! I love joking that you're my half sister. I love that you know so much about me, and I, you. You are dear to me. Praying you enjoy looking back over your life and being amazed by God's faithfulness to you- and then being filled with HOPE that He is unchanging, and will be faithful again and again!

Love and miss you deeply! Happy 21!

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The VanLue House of Happy Chaos said...

Thank you for honoring our girl with your kind and generous words. You are a true gift to her!