Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday in Cardiff!

Yesterday, in a fun and unexpected way, Rachel, Rowanne (Ru), and I decided to take the train into Cardiff!

We had fun accessorizing.

And eating sweets.

We went to the cinema to see a film...

And ended the day at Starbucks! (Thanks, Mom!)

What a wonderfully fun day getting to know these girls better and just have a good laugh. It is so encouraging to see God at work in their lives, and the way they pursue humility and glorifying Him at such a young age. They inspire me.

In God's kindness which never ceases to AMAZE me, on the way home, we had an opportunity to share the Gospel with a man named Kevin. He was drunk, so I'm not sure how much he actually understood, but the Gospel was preached nonetheless! We were able to give him a Bible (God's Word does the work!) which he promised to read-- please pray the LORD would save his soul!

He asked us afterwards what song he could sing for us, and I asked for the Welsh National Anthem. But, that video is not as funny as this one-- if you even think this is funny! Kevin's the one walking around in the black jacket.

Yes, the guy at the end almost mooned us...thankfully we had warning in enough time to not be SCARRED!

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