Tuesday, March 3, 2009

His sacrifice, not mine.

On Sunday we heard a message that I have been so convicted by. Basically one of the points at the end was:

When you talk to others, what is the focus? Do you draw attention to His sacrifice, or yours?

Far more often than not, even in my thinking I take note of what sacrifices I'm making. What's uncomfortable. What I'm missing out on. What costs me.

INSTEAD, my focus should be on the Master! The perfect Savior who sacrificed more than I could imagine- first in even COMING to earth, let alone what He did on the cross...leaving my small "sacrifices" too small to even notice when compared to this great love with which He loves me! The generosity of the LORD in what He's given me-- and continues to give me based on Christ's life...its amazing!!! Why don't I let that captivate my attention and transform my thinking?!

How helpful. How convicting. How refreshing to have my crooked thinking straightened by Scripture. Yay for grace to change!!!


Side note:

Tonight I got to talk to Hallye on the phone. The 5 year old of one of the families I used to live with. She started telling me a "bery bery serious" story...and my favorite line was:

"You know the thing on top of the thing?"

I was tempted to just say yes. =)


Unknown said...

Janelle, I LOVE your blog. You are such an incredible woman of faith and it is so inspiring reading your posts and hearing how you are growing and experiencing the Lord in your life! Again, you are just an inspiration! I am so glad that we have been able to reconnect digitally :) and hopefully can do so someday in person as well!! I'm looking forward to continue reading about your ministry experiences and thoughts on God!

Julia said...

Ok so i woke up this morning and sat up and thought JJ should write a book. :) Have you ever thought of it?? you totally should. Love you and miss you! I love reading your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

hi janelle! i just read this post and was encouraged by what God was teaching you. before reading your blog i was thinking about praying for a few minutes and was tempted to think about the sacrifice of MY time. but after reading your post, i was encouraged to go ahead... He sacrificed for me so I can talk to the KING OF KINGS! yay! thanks for the encouragement!

your thoughts also go along the same lines of looking upward to God and not inward. :)