Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vandalism Evangelism

Ok, not really.

The master and his canvas...

The medium...

Instruction to kids...

End of the day.

The last two weeks at Bettws, Elso has taught our class how to graffiti. He's done a great job talking about the importance of taking care of property and how the art of graffiti is ruined when its used as vandalism. My camera had no battery today, but these pictures are from last week.

We got stuck in a load of traffic this morning and unfortunately missed assembly and the beginning of class. Instead of going straight into our workshops, they had us help with the kids in a normal subject and classroom for an hour. I am excited to report that the LORD, in His kindness to me, gave me an opportunity to talk to two girls about the recent assemblies and what they "reckoned" about Jesus and who He is. It was the highlight of my day. By mid-conversation, two other girls had joined our table asking questions about God. In moments like that, I rejoice over delayed mornings due to traffic! The Gospel wasn't preached to 150 year 7 Bettws kids in an assembly as it typically is on a Thursday morning...but that doesn't mean God's not at work in their hearts! Please pray for Jordanne, Annalise, Roxane, and Shannon; that their eyes would be opened to their need for a Savior, and that they would put their faith in Jesus Christ- who Himself is our only Hope.

Little side note: Just found out today that there are little bios of the Pastoral Team and GAP Team on Christchurch's website. If you're interested, the link is here. Contrary to all appearances, no one on the GAP Team is actually quite this pale.

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