Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Be anxious for nothing...

My first question was something very general-- I just wanted to get them talking. Something to the effect of, "So. Tell me something I need to know."

Eirwen did not hessitate for a moment. She (in a very British way) looked to Hettie and said, "We've been learning not to worry, haven't we?" (Brits regularly look to the person next to them and ask for affirmation/confirmation when sharing something involving both of them. Asking, "haven't we?" or "didn't I?", etc. I think its so sweet.)

(and I noted the humility and beauty of finishing strong...they are both still learning...)

Then she looked me dead in the eye and said, "Be anxious for nothing." She must've said this sentence at least ten times that afternoon. And not becacuse she forgot she said it before.

To be honest, I wondered to myself..."What in the world do you have to be anxious about?"

Things that I tend to be anxious about at 23...won't exist when I'm in my 80s and 90s. But...different things will. Apparently, worry is not something that goes away no matter what season we're in. Trusting is an always-learning thing; we never fully arrive in this life.

At one point, I asked Eirwen: how? How do we keep our hearts still? She said, "We choose it. It's a decision."

How come that sounds so simple, and yet I live like it's impossible?

Hettie shared a story her dad used to tell her, it went something like this:

There was a woman who had a basket of things she's bought at the market. On her walk home, a man stopped in his carriage and asked if she'd like a ride. She said yes. She sat in the carriage with her basket of things on her lap.
After a while, the man said, "You can put your basket on the floor..." She looked at him and said, "Oh, no! I've troubled you enough with a ride, I can't ask you to carry my things as well."

We all chuckled. She said, "If you've cast it on the Lord, why do you carry it around? God gives grace to the humble. Repent of impatience and lack of faith. Ask Him to guard your heart."

As I think about things to cast on the LORD...uh, yeah, that list is really long. So, why not start now? With the next "concern" that pops into my head. I don't have to tackle all of my sin at once. Just the next thought. And then the next one after that. One at a time. Slowly.

These ladies talk and live like there is absolutely no rush; which I find so ironic...because I'm much younger and live as though there IS a rush. Ok, I'm getting on to the next point already...more to come...

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My year in Wales... a memoir in the making said...

This seems is profound and so simple! "Be anxious for NOTHING Ivy!"