Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reinforce what we profess to believe by how we live...

Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice what we believe. Practice faith. Practice trust. Learn it, and keep learning it. Not just head knowledge, but live it out. Work it into your life.

This was a repeated thought throughout my conversation with Hettie and Eirwen several weeks ago. Their commitment to learn evidenced beautifully glorious humility, and reflected their heart: they are still in this race...and they're going strong.

How 'bout us? Would those closest to us describe us as being "committed to learn?" Do we think we know it all...or at least a lot? Are there areas we think, "I've got this down."?

From what I understood Hettie and Eirwen to be saying, this is DANGEROUS.

When I asked Eirwen what she would tell herself when she was 23 if she could go back in time, she hessitated not even for a moment and said, "Be more consistant with Bible reading." She emphasised the importance of her OWN Bible reading...not just fellowship with others. She said, "You can feel on top and then shockingly see that you've cooled off. Start again."

The "start again" tagged onto the end revealed to me their grip of grace...or rather, their understanding of grace's grip on them. It was almost as if to say, "Don't be condemned, don't wallow in self pity...just change." This shows a faith in God to change their hearts. Knowing He doesn't want our hearts to "cool off." Knowing and trusting He will ignite passion in us once again.

It's this transfer of head knowledge to heart-in-action that seemed urgent to our generation. Don't just believe it. LIVE it. Where is it in your week? With any truth- we would do well to pick one, and start working it from our head, into our life.

Another quote I wrote down, "If you do something once, its easy to do it again." This was elaborating on the importance to stick by our convictions. To not give in to temptation; for that is a slippery slope.

Perseverance. That's all I kept hearing. Keep going. Keep trusting. Keep having faith. Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep asking. Don't lose heart. Work it out. Work out your faith. Live it. Do it. Don't just say it.

He is with us. He is our Help. And as we rest in His strength, this "living what we profess" can be ours too.

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My year in Wales... a memoir in the making said...

"The 'start again' tagged onto the end revealed to me their grip of grace...or rather, their understanding of grace's grip on them."-favorite quote!
My awareness of Grace is what is going to bring about my continued perserverence and change! Thank you Janelle!