Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I interupt this "learning from the wise" program with a few pictures from the weekend. I had some friends from Florida going to Ireland for a week, so, for $30 USD, (20 pounds) I hopped on a plane to see them for the weekend!

We met at the airport in Dublin early Saturday morning-- lots of hugs and squeals and, "I can't believe it"s.

Got the rental car (I was the co-pilot explaining how round-a-bouts work and reminding John to stay on the left hand side...he did great) and we went to Trinity College and the Guiness Brewery. (thought of you the whole time, JRo.)

Went to Sean's Bar- the oldest pub in the world! Heard some good irish music, but left soon after we got there because they didn't sell food...and we were HUNGRY.

arrived in Doolin late on Saturday night (ha, not really that late- like half 8) but it was PITCH black and had been for hours. Stars were breathtaking. This is the cottage! They're all still in it until this Saturday.

We went to the castle the family of the cottage ownes. This was the view from the top.
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