Sunday, December 20, 2009


Today was my last Sunday at Christchurch; and the majority of my goodbyes. The Mc Cans graciously hosted a going away party for me.

I was overwhelmed with hugs, encouragements, letters, cards, gifts,

I believe today was just a taste of what heaven will be like. The "cost" it's been to be away this last almost year and a half- the things missed out on: weddings, babies, engagements, etc, the friends in Orlando I wish I could be caring for, the "homesickness" at various times...etc. etc. It all faded away. It was so worth it.

I think that's what heaven will be like. All the energy and effort of fighting sin and sacrificing, and denying self...we'll get there, see what God has done, and be like, "Yeah. So worth it. Doesn't even compare."

I don't know if I've ever been in such disbelief before about what others "attribute" to me, that I see actually no connection to whatsoever. And this, we find the humility of God.

HE pursues sinners. HE saves. HE reveals Himself. HE prepares works for us to do, HE gives us the strength to carry them out, HE acts- moves in hearts, changes things, does miracles...and uses the little bit of "effort" that we put into it...and then HE prompts others to encourage US. This. This is the mystery of our great God. One who would know sinners. Be associated with us. Redeem us. Call us His own. And then, encourage us in how HE's changed us and then used us: beautiful. glorious. mysterious.

And this is what we celebrate at Christmas. God become man to save us from our sins. The humility of God.

Not to us, but to Your Name alone, be all the glory, the glory forever...for Your faithfulness and steadfast love, receive the glory, the glory, belongs to YOU.

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