Saturday, December 26, 2009

in the US of A

Yay for America!

Being an aunt, is...oh, one of the best things EVER. Jack is a little over a year now and started crying this morning when I left the room: talk about melting my heart. He is the cutest ever.

Christmas was wonderful. I love my family- and being in the States is so exciting. Texting friends DOESN'T cost 50p (well, unless its AnneMarie or Jo =) and I can just pick up my mobile and ring whoever I want, whenever: because I'm in the same time zone. oh, the gifts of being in the same country.

We're off to the annual beach trip tomorrow for a week or so: I plan to be working on leaflets, handouts, and promotions for "hair business" upon my return to Orlando. So many exciting things all at one time!

Treasuring this time all together.

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