Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Life at Heathrow

oh, severn bridge. why'd you have to go and freeze?

Anne Marie and I took 5 hours to drive the 2 hours to Heathrow...thanks to the bridges freezing. (Anne Marie is a legend. In case you didn't know that already.) I had a not-very-wonderful conversation on the way with Continental (after we suspected I'd miss the flight) where I was told that my only option for leaving the country was 2,000 pounds to fly out tomorrow morning (thats $3,000)...or leaving next week. Thankfully, the LORD provided much grace in those few hours before hearing that was NOT the case. And I'm very grateful for that...(though, Christmas at the Mc Cans would've no doubt been a blast.)

So, here I am, at Heathrow, awaiting my free stand-by flight tomorrow morning at 10:30am. (Praise the LORD.) I am safe, and fed, and warm (and wondering why homeless people don't just pretend they're travelers and live at the airport.)

Will probably hop over to the small pub across the little aisle here in a bit to enjoy a pint- just because I can one last time. VERY grateful for my web-cam gift from the Mc Cans as I was able to ring my parents immediately very inexpensive-ly via skype.

And...enjoying the way God reveals Himself in Isaiah- especially chapters 43-45 at the moment.

Hope your Christmas festivies are gloriously wonderful as the Gospel becomes sweeter to your soul: for unto us a Saviour is born!
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