Friday, December 11, 2009

::mixed emotions::

I've not been able to go to sleep quickly recently because the excitement of what's ahead is almost un-bearable! I have been learning (slowly) how to take things one day at a time...and the joy that has come from that is full of peace, abounding in hope, and ever so sweet.

I can't wait to see my family, hug my nephew, get back to doing hair (especially for weddings- last night I was doing updos in my head) in a warm climate. ::sigh:: oh, its thrilling. was that wonderful brisk cold. Like, proper winter. Decorating the massive Christmas tree at Christchurch with Rebecca Lee, who I'm training. (She is SO wonderful- they will not miss me at ALL!) Doing a "preview" of the slideshow I'll play for my LIFE girls tomorrow at my "farewell" party...over 400 pictures. Over 20 minutes long. Getting a facebook message just moments ago from a Bettws girl saying, "tell me more about God- He's fascinating!" ::sigh:: I will miss this place and these faces.

What struck me today as various songs played on my laptop was the tender, and caring way that my Heavenly Father has lead me. He has guided me from one country to another...and He is guiding me back again. He has carried me when the storms in this last year were more than I thought I could bear. He has given me strength when I knew not if I could ever be weaker. He has revealed grace as more amazing-- and promises to continue to do that for eternity. He has been Faithful. So faithful to me.

No one in the world will really "understand" my Wales experiences- all that this last year and a half has held for me. But found in such sweetness. Only my Jesus knows. He walked it with me. He listened. He carried. He answered prayer. It was like a secret get-a-way with Him.
Oh, how grateful I am.

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